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Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphone’s and tablet computers.
This course will give you the exposure of android development.

The aim of this course is to help learners or beginners to kick-start their career in Android App Development.The training will be for 4 months and you will be trained on Core java, javascript and jQuery in the initial 2 month period and later be trained on Android architecture for one month exclusively. Post the training program the 1 month capstone project will be dedicated to the Practical exposure part.

Course Overview


  •   Features and requirements
  •   Android Environment setup

Activities and Intents

  •   Understanding Activities
  •   Linking Activities Using Intents
  •   Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents
  •   Displaying Notifications

Getting to Know the Android User Interface

  •   Layout & Components of a Screen
  •   Draw able
  •   Adapting to Display Orientation
  •   Managing Changes to Screen Orientation
  •   Creating the User Interface Programmatically
  •   Listening for UI Notification

Designing Your User Interface Using View

  •   Basic Views
  •   Picker Views
  •   List Views
  •   Displaying Pictures and Menus with View
  •   Using Image Views to Display Pictures
  •   Menus with Views
      Additional Views

Content Providers

  •   Saving and Loading User Preferences
  •   Persisting Data to Files
  •   Creating and Using Databases

Content Providers

  •   Sharing Data in Android
  •   Using a Content Provider
  •   Creating Your Own Content Providers

Location-Based Services

    •   Displaying Maps
    •   Getting Location Data

Developing Android Services

      •   Creating Your Own Services
      •   Communicating between a Service and an Activity
      •   Binding Activities to Services
      •   Publishing

Android Applications

    •   Preparing for Publishing
    •   Deploying APK Files
  •  Android   Titanium

  • Introduction Installing Titanium and SDK
    My First Sample Application
    Titanium Views
    API Docs
    Example Mobile Apps
    Marketplace Modules
    First mobile game
    Building Native Mobile App with Titanium
    Kitchen Sink App
    Appcelerator Platform Services
    Appcelerator Dashboard

ANDROID:8weeks +project