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Course Overview

Introducing the Entity Framework

  •   Defining an entity
  •   Understanding the Entity Framework elements
  •   Introducing the Entity Framework files
  •   Developing a simple Entity Framework example

Looking more closely at queries

  •   Defining a basic query
  •   Creating specific queries
  •   Combining and summarizing data
  •   Grouping data

Choosing a workflow

  •   Understanding the code-first workflow
  •   Understanding the model-first workflow
  •   Understanding the database-first workflow
  •   Defining the workflow choices
    •   Creating a code-first example
    •   Adding a record
    •   Creating a model-first example
    •   Creating a database-first example
  • Generating and using objects
    •   Understanding the Entity objects
    •   Making queries using objects
    •   Modifying data using objects
    •   Working with Query Builder methods
  • Performing essential tasks
    •   Defining the essential tasks
    •   Creating a master/detail form
  • Manipulating data using LINQ
    •   Introducing LINQ to Entities
    •   Understanding LINQ compilation
    •   Using entity and database functions

    Manipulating data using Entity SQL

    •   Understanding Entity SQL
    •   Selecting data
    •   Working with literals in Entity SQL
    •   Ordering data
        Grouping data
  • Interaction with stored procedures
    •   Understanding stored procedures
    •   Adding stored procedures to your model
    •   Building an application using stored procedures
    •   Creating a basic stored procedure example
    • Interaction with views
      •   Understanding views
      •   Adding views to your model
      •   Creating a basic view example
      •   Making views writable
    • Interaction with Table-Valued Functions
      •   Understanding TVFs
      •   Adding TVFs to your model
      •   Calling a TVF using Entity SQL
      •   Calling a TVF using LINQ
          Mapping a TVF to an entity type collection
    • Dealing with exceptions
      •   Understanding exceptions
      •   Considering exception sources
      •   Handling connection string exceptions
      •   Dealing with query exceptions
          Dealing with other data exception types
      •   Understanding concurrency exceptions
    • Overcoming concurrency issues
      •     Visualizing database concurrency issues
      •   Considering optimistic concurrency problems
      •   Implementing optimistic concurrency in an application
      •   Considering pessimistic concurrency issues
    • Handling performance problems
    •   Understanding performance issue sources
    •   Viewing performance issues
    •   Defining the performance triangle
    •   Using multithreading as an aid to speed
  • Creating custom entities
  •   Developing POCO classes
  •   Creating and using event handlers
  •   Creating custom methods
  •   Creating custom properties

Mapping data types to properties

  •   Understanding mapping automation configuration
  •   Working with standard data types
  •   Working with enumerated data types
  •   Working with complex data types
  •   Working with geography and geometry spatial data types

Performing advanced management tasks

  •   Developing multiple diagrams for a model
  •   Performing batch imports of stored procedures and functions
  •   Mapping a stored procedure that returns multiple result sets
  •   Creating entities with inheritance
  •   Controlling context actions for automatically generated classes