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The Java platform at its core is a way of computing that is based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets and other devices. The architecture-neutral nature of Java technology is extremely important in a networked world where one cannot predict what kind of devices our partners, suppliers and employees may use to connect to you.
Java technology based software works just about everywhere from the smallest devices to super computers, Java technology components are not affected by the kind of computer, phone or operating system they run on. They work on any kind of compatible device that supports Java platform.

The Java/j2EE specilization Training Program is for 5 months
Schedule-1 (2 months) Core Java
Schedule-2 (2 month )Advanced java Concepts, HTML5/css3/JAVAScript/Bootstrap
Schedule-3 (1 month ) Advanced Java Concepts,JQUery/Ajax
Schedule-4 (1 month ) Capstone Project

Course Overview

Check the core Java Page for the curriculum

Check the UI development page for the UI topics

Module 1: Introduction

Installing java and getting started
Data type and Language Constructs
Operator and expressions
Control flow
Arrays and Strings
Objects and Classes
Using java objects
Implementing Functions
Inheritance and its implementation
Exception handling
Packages and Interface
I/O and Applets
Core collection classes
Collection sorting and tuning
Inner classes
Introduction to JDBC
JDBC SQL programming

Module 2: Starting with J2EE

Overview of MVC architecture
Write servlets using java programming language
Creating a simple web Application

Module 3: Struts Framework

Use of Struts as Controller
Benefits of using Struts
Examples of Struts

Module 4: Session Management and Filters

Managing sessions in Web application
Use of Filters in Web applications

Module 5: JSP and JavaBeans

Writing a simple JSP
Benefits of JSP over Servlets
Use of expression language, JSTL and custom tags in JSP technology
Integrating Struts and JSP pages

Module 6: Database Connectivity

Data Sources
Example of Database connectivity in j2ee

Module 7: Enterprise JAVA Beans

Overview of EJB
Overview of entity beans
Overview of Session beans
Use the Java Persistence API query language

Module 8: JAVA message services

Java Mail API
Message Driven beans

Other Features:

Hibernate Framework
Spring Framework
The struts, Hibernate, springs topics Will be elaborated and the schedule will be provided in a proper manner. Training will be in Production level and it would take 2 months of time