Magento is an open source and a powerful ecommerce platform that allows creation of easily manageable online stores. The ecommerce business websites developed on Magento are very flexible and allow easy handling of content, look and functionality to the users.
Magento training is a gateway to learn to develop scalable and feature-rich applications for ecommerce needs. At Media3 we provide excellent Magento training to students thereby helping them to develop ecommerce applications.
We offer live project training in Magento wherein the students are trained on real-time projects for better understanding of the actual development process in the companies. We understand the needs of every learner approaching our institute and hence provide different kinds of magento training including training for freshers and for experienced professionals.
Magento training course at Media3 begins with the training in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and explains all the important concepts of the framework for development of ecommerce applications. Today there are huge Magento based job openings in the market. If you also want to grab one, then come join Media3 and get the best training to learn Magento development.

Course Overview


  •   Introduction to HTML
  •   HTML Elements
  •   HTML Tags
  •   HTML Anchor Tag
  •   Images
  •   HTML List
  •   HTML Table
  •   HTML Elements
  •   HTML Form
  •   HTML Events
  •   Div And Span
  •   CSS Selector
  •   Applying CSS
  •   Internal
  •   External
  •   Inline
  •   Margins and Padding
  •   CSS Background
  •   CSS Classes and ID
  •   CSS Pseudo-Classes

Database Connectivity MYSQL

  •   DBMS & RDBMS
  •   PHP & MySQL
  •   MySQL Database and Queries
  •   Connection to MySQL Database
  •   Creating database and Tables in MySQL
  •   MySQL Data Types
  •   Database Terminology
  •   PHP MySQL Insert into
  •   PHP MySQL Select
  •   PHP MySQL Where Clause
  •   PHP MySQL Order By Keyword
  •   Difference Between Group By and Order By
  •   Joins
  •   PHP MySQL Update
  •   PHP MySQL Delete Form
  •   Normalization

Introduction on Magento

  •   Installing Magento CMS
  •   Creating and configuring database for magento
  •   Configuring admin panel info in installation
  •   Setting up locale and storage info

Learning the Magento

  •   Creating and managing categories
  •   Creating attributes and assigning to products
  •   Creating attribute sets
  •   Creating and managing products
  •   Uploading product images and settings
  •   Creating static blocks and displaying in frontend
  •   Creating content pages and displaying in frontend
  •   Creating new users in admin
  •   Managing registered users in admin
  •   Managing index and cache managements

Managing Shopping cart, Orders and Shipping

  •   Shopping cart management
  •   Checkout management
  •   Order management
  •   Invoice management
  •   Shipping management

Applicability to E-commerce Projects

  •   Setting up currency
  •   Setting up store information
  •   Integrating Payment gateways
  •   Integrating Shipping methods
  •   Reports generation