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Course Overview


  •   Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio.NET(About .NET Framework, What is CLR, Runtime Compilation, Uses of .NET Framework)
      Introduction to C#.NET(Uses of C#.NET, What is a Namespace, Assembly, Class, Interface etc.,)
      Object Oriented Programming with C# (OOPS Concepts)
      What is Solution, Project, Console Application Programming etc.,
      Arrays in C#.NET

Window Forms Applications

  •   Introduction to Windows Forms Applications
      Understanding Controls (Button, TextBox, Label, CheckBox etc.,)
      Building  Windows Forms Applications using GUI
      Developing your own Notepad application
      Developing Custom Controls (Windows Forms Control Library)


  •   Introduction to Assemblies (Types of Assemblies)
      Developing Shared Assembly
    Windows Services
      Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
      Understanding SQL Languages (DDL, DQL, TQL, DML)


  •   Introduction to ADO.NET
      Examples on Disconnected and Connection oriented architecture
      Introduction to Data Binding
      Introduction to Stored Procedures
      Programming  Constructs of T-SQL


  •   Introduction to ASP.NET
      Understanding HTML , JavaScript
      Understanding  Web Server Controls, Validation Controls
      Creating ASP.NET Web Forms, Understanding ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
      Master Pages in ASP.NET


  •   State  Management (Session, Cookies, ViewSate, QueryString etc.,)
      ASP.NET Security
      Project in .NET