Media3 stands as a proactive, growth-oriented organization aiming at professional excellence with a pool of talented and dedicated work force. Our key strengths are motivated associates; value based work ethics, experienced personnel (live tech leads) and state of the art infrastructure. Media3 is one of the best IT Training institution in Visakhapatnam & Vizianagaram with most latest software courses on board like PHP, WordPress, Magento Commerce, Microsoft .Net, Java, Web Design & Responsive UI Development, AngularJS, NodeJS, Android and iOS app development, Python, Digital Marketing, Software Testing and SEO.

Course Overview

What You’ll Learn

What You’ll Learn Getting Setup & Hello World
Installing Node.js and Sublime
Using the Terminal (OS X & Linux)
Using the Terminal (Windows)
Hello World!

Introduction to JavaScript & Node (Optional)

What is Node.js?
Creating Variables
If Statements
Project: Bank Account
Project Setup: Bank Account 2
Project Solution: Bank Account 2
For & While Loops
Variable Scope
Closures Project Setup: Bank Account3
Project Solution: Bank Account 3

Getting Input & Storing Data

Creating an npm based app
Using 3rd party libraries in your app
Project: Password Manager 1
Getting Input From User
Validating & Requiring Input
Project Setup: Password Manager 2
Project Solution: Password Manager2
Working with JSON
Encrypting Information
Project: Password Manager 3
Handling Errors
Project: Password Manager 4

Asynchronous Programming

Async Basics
Callback Functions
Requiring local files
Project: Weather App 1
Project: Weather App 2
Advanced Promises
Project: Weather App 3

Creating A Web Server With Express.js

Hello Express.js
Serving Up Static Websites
Middleware Is Awesome
Using Git
Project: Server Middleware
Generate SSH, join Heroku & GitHub
Deploying Your Application

Project: Todo REST API

Installing Postman
Getting All Todos
Get Todo By Id
Postman Environments
Creating New Todos
Refactoring With Underscore
Underscore Challenge
Deleting Todos By Id
Updating Todos
Passing Variables By Reference
Filtering By Todo Completed Status
Searching By Todo Description

Working With A Real Database (and adding it to the Todo API)

Sublime Text Bonus!
Installing Sequelize and Sqlite
Adding Model Validation & Fetching Models
Project: POST /todos
Project: GET /todos/:id
Project: GET /todos
Postgres On Heroku
Project: DELETE /todos/:id
PUT /todos/:id

Adding Authentication

Creating the User Model
Using Sequelize Hooks For Validation
Hashing and Salting Passwords
POST /users/login
Custom Sequelize Class Methods
Generating a JWT For Authentication
Making Todo Routes Private
Playing With Associations
Associating Users With Their Todo
Associating Users With Their Todo Pt. 2
Deploying To Heroku
Logout Part 1
Logout Part 2, The Front-end, and A Chat App

Getting Started
Adding To Your App
Exploring The Front-end
Sending Live Data Back & Forth
Creating The Front-end UI
Showing Messages In App